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Community Work and our Ethical Aproaches
As a company we pride our community efforts and make this a big priority in our motives. Whether it be simple day to day changes, such as our gradual implimentation of moving to a paperless office, to supporting our staff in their efforts to help others and make a diference. Every effort helps and we believe this approach to be invaluable for any modern company.

In addition to this, we are always looking to support local companies and people. Many of our suppliers are people we have known and worked with for many years operating in the Sourthern UK region. Outside of the company, Terry (and the band he plays with) are involved in several of Arundel's community / fund raising efforts anually, whether it be for charity or the local church.

An event that stands out in the company's history is when we worked with the FEAST project:
In 2007 we, at Tunmores raised 1000.00 for Mrs Vijayakumari and her two children to have the pictured (right) house built on a patch of land her husband had bought 6 months before he died. The region is Kanyakumari in Southern India, a very poor fishing area which was hit by the Tsunami.

1000 was all it took to transform her life and provide some security. The house is small but very comfortable, other pictures follow including the plaque which you can just see beside the doorway.

The remarkable man next to the lady pictured is Father Jeromias. He has devoted his life to helping his people the poorest of the poor, through many differing actions throughout the last 12 years.
He is directly responsible for dispersing the funds raised and ensures none is wasted in costly administration; he is there working with the people, changing many, many lives.

The project is FEAST.[ For Education And Social Transformation ] The house program is just one of the important areas FEAST operate in. The major focus is to make education available for the poorest of the poor. Education is not freely available in India. Though this strategy of making education available enables the poor to break the cycle of poverty and provides the opportunity for an income and future security.


If you would like know more or get involved in the FEAST project, or have any other suggestions which may help us continue to help the local communities please email us on
The smallest of contribution can make a huge difference. For 6.00 per month a child can be sponsored through education and this small contribution will help the whole family. To date over 2500 children have been sponsored and free tuition is available in 44 villages with 115 teachers providing education for 4000 children.
Father Jeromias is 60 this year and he has made it his personal ambition to raise funds for 60 further houses to be built. We wish to help his dream come true to raise 1500 for one new house. The palm roofed, single room houses you can see in the picture (left) is typical of the cramped, dark and damp conditions the families live in. When it rains the roof simply lets in water. Cooking is undertaken in the one room and the children have to do their homework in the cramped, crowded conditions. A new house transforms their lives.

A group from our Church has visited the project on several occasions and witnessed at first hand the good work. A statement from one of the leaders read;

. I am more convinced now than ever that if I had just one pound left, it could not go to a better cause; one where it will be used to the maximum benefit with not a single penny wasted.