Pallant Orthodontics

This Georgian Grade II listed building in the centre of Chichester was a great challenge and achievement for us here at Tunmore's. Although we do work regularly with delicate and special buildings commercial and domestic, more work went into this project than anyone could have imagined. The project took much careful planning, organisation and involved an endless list of different skills, people, and techniques. Even for us there was learning to do, but the result was phenomenal.

Before, during and after the project we worked very closely with the project and building owner who had many different ideas we had to turn into reality.

Everyone who worked on the project will know just how marvellous it was. The building previously was decided up and sublet as different offices and had taken much abuse over the years, resulting in gradual deterioration in the structural side of things as well as the interior. It was in much need of some TLC.

To accomplish the finished result we worked tirelessly to remove most the interior walls and furnishings, and then rebuilding them and dividing up the building following specific plans. In doing this we uncovered many very traditional building methods, as well as exactly how the building used to function as a domestic home in the Georgian era. The top floor, originally the maid's quarters are now used as office and staff space.

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A beautifully designed and manufactured glass partition wall can be seen in this room to aid the customers comfourt
The designer glass theme is carried out throughout the building.